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American bully is the most popular breeds in America and has been winning hearts of people all over the world. American bully has a unique body structure that makes people stop and have a glance at them. They were originally bred as companion dog for the families without having  any aggressive behaviours.

History and Origin
The origin of American bully was in United States of America and was discovered around 40 years ago in 1980s and has been popular ever since. This breed has descended from Old English Bulldog which has now been extinct and according to Wikipedia the scientific name of this breed is Canis lupus familiaris. 

About American Bully
American bully breed was a cross between American Pit-bull terriers and American Staffordshire terriers and it is generally known that American bully also contains blood from various mastiff and bulldog breeds. They were primarily bred as companion dogs and show dogs.

This bread is not registered in AKC; however it has got recognition in ABKC only after 2004. When you look at American bully he looks like a bodybuilder who spends lot of time in gym building his huge muscles. Due to their appearance many people are scared of them. However they are affectionate and lot of fun to be with. Their tough and intimidating appearance is enough to keep people away. Although their looks may scare people but they are friendly and protective of their family.
One of the spheres of this breed is that the dogs are available in all the colours such as Black, White, Fawn, Grey, Brindle, Brown, Red, Blue etc. American Bully is found in five different types namely:

  • XL Bully - This type of bully is same as standard American Bully in build, body type, and breed type. They are differentiated from other breeds by their size and structure. They are the largest among this breed type. The height of a male XL bully is over 20 inches and can be up to 23 inches. The height of a female XL bully can be over 19 inches and can be up to 22 inches. The weight of each bully varies due to their height. 
  • Standard Bully - The standard bully and XL bully do not have any difference in their feature except their height. The height of a standard male bully is between 17 to 20 inches and of female it is between 16 to 19 inches and their weight can range between 30-50 kg.
  • Bully Extreme – This bully is different from others in its body and muscular structure. There is no particular height and weight of this bully; however it might grow as big as standard or the classic bully. This bully has more muscular structure and body mass compared to other breeds.
  • Classic bully – This breed is similar with the standard bully apart from their muscle build and bones that are lighter compared to others.
  • Pocket Bully – Among all these five types pocket Bully is the smallest one and the height of this breed is shortest among the breeds. They have common physical features of standard and other type of bully. The male size of this breed is less than 17 inches and females are less than 16 inches. Their weight depends on their height and can be anywhere between 14 kg to 30 kg.

Recently there is a new breed called XXL is appearing in the world and has gained popularity. The average lifespan of an American bully is between 8 to 12 years.

As a Family Companion
American bully is always treated as family companion dog because of their friendly nature. These bullies love to be with their owners and family and spend their time with them. These dogs are very friendly with family and kids. They are really safe for kids to spend time with and can be very playful with children. However, it is always better to supervise them and make them acquainted with children from the start.

American bullies are extremely protective towards their family. They are always alert and if they find anything suspicious they can attack the person to protect their family and often viewed as aggressive once. They are known as protection dogs. American bully gets well acquainted in medium to large size houses easily and the pocket size bully can be comfortable in small size houses too.
They get really friendly with new people in no time. You can introduce your friends and other family members and this dog will get easily friendly with them.

American bully have a short and smooth coat and do not require much grooming; however during shedding season they start shedding little extra and need to at least brush once in a week. You can  give them bath as often as you want but generally they should be bathed once in a month.

Like any other dog breed American bully also needs long walks and exercise to keep him healthy and fit. Normally the bulldog should be taken out for a walk at least 2 to 3 times a day and get socialised with other dogs and animals. The dog can enjoy his time in nearby park or garden and you can also take him to the market with you.
American bullies are good at training and learn quickly, but if they are not in a mood for training you should not force them to train.
Daily short training sessions and exercise can be god way to make communication with them and getting to know them.

The common health problems that the American Bully has Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Cataracts, Cerebellar Abiotrophy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy etc.
Like any other dog breed this dog needs to be given proper hygiene and veterinary care regularly. They also need to be given appropriate vaccinations and deworming medicines on time to avoid further health problems.

Buy an American Bully?
American Bully is one among the popular dog breeds and the average cost of it is up to $3000 and can go up as per their size. XXL bully is the largest among them and is more expensive than any other size. The price of this breed depends on their size and the body mass. A bully named Venom is valued over $500,000 due to his size and muscular body structure. He has gained popularity all over the world through a magazine and has fans all  over the world.

Fun Facts
When the puppies are born they are blind and deaf. They also do not have any teeth.

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