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The Boxer dog is a medium sized and short hair breed of dogs. The origin of boxer dog is from Germany. It belongs to Molossus dog breed that belonged to ancient Greek tribes. Molossus dogs are ones that are strongly build in body and loose skin on their face. The name Boxer came from the way the dogs play or fight with their front paws. Boxer dogs are loyal, friendly and intelligent dogs.
In the year 1895 the first Boxer club was formed and Boxers were exhibited in a dog show. Boxers  are incredibly loyal to their owners and always prefer to stay with their family wherever they go and are a fit perfect in the family. They are good in socialising with their family and want to be with them all the time. They will constantly follow their family members wherever they go.  

Boxers are good with children too; however a constant supervision is must. Boxers are fearless and always protect their family members. They can be great guard dogs since they are always alert towards any dangers around them. They were also have done a job of war dog in both the world wars.

They get very excited when they see someone new and want to get friendly with them. Boxer dog is much friendly dog not only towards his family members but also with other dogs and animals. They can adjust to any surroundings. Some of these dogs also snore like big dogs. A boxer dog is very active up to the age of 18 months and need a person who can give the attention constantly, and as they grow old they get matured.

Boxer dogs are very powerful and muscular and hence a regular walk and exercise can make them happy and healthy.  They are very active and athletic dogs. It is also important to watch their diet as many of them will eat too much and become very large which can affect their joints and also shorten their lifespan. It is important to keep a proper diet for them which will meet their nutritional needs and not just overfed them

Average height of a boxer dog can be between 21 to 25 inches and average weight of a boxer dog can be between 30 to 36 kg. The life expectancy of an average boxer is between 9 to 11 years.

Boxers are known as worker dogs as they have done many jobs as cattle dog, watchdog, protection dog and guide dog. Boxers are first ones who were used as police dogs in Germany. 

Boxer dogs prefer a climate which is too hot or too cold, but a moderate one. They cannot bear to live with the climate which is too hot or too cold as coat on their body is very thin. The short coat makes the grooming very easy. According to AKC the boxer breed is considered one of the clean breed because they have short and tight coat which is easy to maintain.

Boxer dogs are quite intelligent once. It might be little stressful to train these dogs as they are very playful in nature and would prefer to play instead of listening to your instructions. These type dogs are best for any age group of people. Boxer dog is counted into top 10 most popular once in India.

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