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bullmastiff dog
The Bullmastiff dog also called as ‘The Gamekeeper’s Night Dog’ is very affectionate and friendly dog. This breed originated from UK in the late 19th century in about 1860 in England. The gamekeepers wanted to protect themselves from poachers and criminals and for that they wanted a quiet and fearless dog. They crossed between English Mastiff and Old English Bulldog which is extinct now and as a result a strong and muscular dog was born.

Bullmastiff was officially recognised by AKC in 1934 and as per their ranking it stands in 48th place. The average height of a male Bullmastiff dog is between 25 to 27 inches and female height ranges between 24 to 26 inches. The weight of male bullmastiff can be between 50 to 59 kg and for female it can be between 45 to 52 kg and in some dogs it can be even more or less. The average lifespan of these breeds can be between 8 to 10 years. Bullmastiff can be found in three different colours namely red, fawn or brindle and their ears and face is always black in colour.

Bullmastiffs are friendly and affectionate dogs. They are loyal and want to be with their family all the time. They are loving and caring towards their family and would want to make you happy and will always follow you. Their mere presence is enough to keep poachers away. They were trained to knock down the poachers and him them down. Hence it comes naturally to them to protect their family when they suspect anything suspicious.

Bullmastiffs are active, playful and energetic and have to be trained well for obedience. They can be a perfect companion for kids because of their playful nature. However since it is a large dog it is important to be cautious when they play with kids. The pulling and playful biting, jumping or grabbing can be dangerous without their knowing. Their size can be too much to handle.

From the young age Bullmastiff dog should be socialised with other dogs and people. They are a family guard dogs and suddenly introducing them to new people can make them alert. If they are well socialised they can be comfortable around people and all other animals too. You just have to be cautious with small animals because of their size.

The Bullmastiff is an absolutely indoor dog and does not need to go out for longer time. A walk for 2-3 times a day and little exercise can make them happy and healthy. They would prefer to play outside along with you but if you are not with them it is not interesting for them. Having a mastiff will always make you feel happy and secured.

This breed of Bullmastiff dog needs a proper care, food, training, and a regular veterinary care in every 6 to 12 months. They need a proper schedule for them to eat, play, walk and have a proper sleep.

During shedding season they do shed like other breeds and needs to brush at least once in a week. Their coat is small and has short hair so it does not require much grooming. They can adapt to any climatic conditions whether hot or cold. They can also fit perfectly in middle size apartments. The average price of these breeds can be between $1000 to $2000 and some large ones can cost even more.

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