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The Cocker spaniel breed was initially bred as a Sport hunting dog in Spain in the early 14th century. As the name suggest, the spaniels are from Spain. They were bred in early 1400s as hunting dogs.

Cocker spaniels are loyal, playful, sweet and affectionate dogs. They are the perfect family companion dogs and can become very friendly even with new people they meet.  Hence cocker spaniels  can be a terrible watch dogs.  They are incredibly friendly and perfect for kids to spend time together. 
Cocker spaniels are cute and adorable, hence do not expect them to protect your house. Any trespasser is likely to be met with enthusiastic affection and a wag of tail . Cocker spaniels are totally family oriented dogs. 

Cocker spaniel are found in two different types of breeds. The American cocker spaniel and English cocker spaniel.

They are high in energy and friendly dogs. They have a long coat which requires regular grooming and care everyday. During shedding season they shed too much, but compared to other large dogs cocker spaniel sheds less. However you will still see lot of hair on your sofa, bed and all over your house.

The American Cocker Spaniel is one of the smallest sporting dog breeds and was recognised by the AKC in 1878. The first Cocker Spaniel registered by the AKC the was in 1878. Both the breeds American and English Cocker spaniels were registered as two separate breeds in 1946 and ranks 30th in the breed popularity list.

According to some of the records, English Cocker Spaniel were the first to came across the America on the Mayflower from Plymouth in 1620. The American Cocker Spaniel originated from English Cocker Spaniel. They were bred to hunt game bird. The name Cocker came from the name of a bird called the Eurasian Woodcocker, which was hunt by these spaniels.

 The average height of a male Cocker spaniel can be from 13 to 15 inches and average height of a female can be from 14 to 16 inches. There is a little height difference between American cocker spaniel and English cocker spaniel. The average weight of male can be 13 to 16 kg and of a female it can vary from 12-15 kg.

The average lifespan of a Cocker spaniel is 12-15 years if good care is taken of them. They should be raised in a stress free environment. They can also happily adjust to the apartments and can live anywhere as long as they get a good exercise.

Cocker spaniel have to exercise regularly for them be fit and healthy. They can have health problems  such as develop a knee cap problems, ear infections and have cataracts. Since Cocker spaniels have long ears you need to take care of their ears regularly. If they are not properly taken care of they can have infections, you have to make sure they have proper ventilation for ears. You can do so by trimming the hair on the ears. Cocker spaniel need regular grooming and care.

Training the Cocker spaniel can be a little work as they are stubborn. However they can be easily trained; however advance training can be a task in hand. If they are not properly trained they might become aggressive or territorial. Cocker spaniel can make a good home pet.

If you are planning to bring one Cocker spaniel at home you need to take into consideration few of the things from the above. The price of a Cocker spaniel can range from $ 1800 to $ 10, 000.

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