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Dachshund is a dog breed that came from the Germany. With its small size and cute looks it has won the hearts of people around the world. Although their size is small they have a mind set to take down a giant dog. They are playful and energetic dogs that will always entertain its owners all the time.

History and Origin

The Dachshund is a Hound dog breed from the Germany and was first recognised by AKC in the yaer 1885. They are scent hound dogs and were originally bred to go underground and hunt badgers and other tunnelling animals, rabbits, foxes. The packs of Dachshunds were used to trail wild boars during the 1540s. 

They are popular due to their elongated body and short legs and are commonly known as sausage dogs that defines them perfectly.

The term Dachshund was first used in Germany in 1500s and has been a national symbol of Germany for a long time. Dachshund means badger hounds. ‘Dachs’ is the German word for badger and ‘Hund' is the word for hound. That is how the name Dachshund came into existence.

Dachshunds were bred to be fierce dogs just like the pray they will be hunting. During the World War II their popularity has decreased in America and other countries.  

About Dachshund

Dachshund is an energetic and intelligent dog and they are always curious and attentive. Even with their short legs they love to run and play around. They have a short and muscular body and short and smooth coat. They come in different colour coats such as Black, Blue and Tan, Chocolate and Cream, Black and Tan, Red etc. 

They are energetic and active dogs. If you are a person who loves to go for hiking or running they can be the best companions for you. You can even take them for long walks with you. Being the hunting dogs they are independent and are extremely energetic.
The Dachshund can be found in three different sizes namely miniature, standard and rabbit for hunting rabbits. Standard dogs are taller than the others with a height of 8-9-inches and the miniature are shorter with a height of 5-6 inches. They also have three different varieties of coats namely short, long and wire haired. They were crossed with terriers to get the wire haired coat. They were even bred with spaniels to get the long coat. It is also said that wired dogs are the clowns of the family. They will always do entertaining and funny things that you would not be able to hold your laughter.

Standard dogs were used to hunt and track deer, boars, and other animals. Dogs are pack animals hence they used to go in packs for hunting. Miniature Dachshund is often shy and timid and more reserved where as the others are outgoing. Rabbit Dachshunds were bred to hunt rabbits, vermin, and other small animals. Dachshunds still have the hunting instincts in them and will run after birds or small animals like squirrels and rats.

A Dachshund cannot adjust in the cold weather, but they can live in a hot weather just fine. They are perfect for moderate temperature climate.

According to the AKC popularity ranking Dachshund breeds ranks 12th in the list. The average weight of standard Dachshund dog is between 7-15 kg and can be even more. Their height can range from 8-9 inches which is the standard size. The lifespan of these dogs ranges between 12 to 15 years. 

As a Family Companion

They are incredibly affectionate and loyal towards their family, especially with kids. They enjoy playing with kids and making them happy. They are playful and fun loving in nature. They love spending more time with their owners and family and are extremely protective of the people they bond with. They are also sociable with other animals and dog specially their own breed.

The Dachshund dog is small in size and hence can adapt to apartment and small house living easily. They are loved for their hunting, tracking and exceptional sensing abilities. They can bark loudly at anything that gets their attention. It can also be said that Dachshund is a big dog in the body of a small dog because they would want to take down a Great Dane Dog. This breed is aggressive in nature and has an attitude of a strong and giant dog breed.

They love to go outdoors and spend their time playing with other dogs; hence if they are kept in the house for long they will get bored. Also they do not require much exercise and can be great pets for elderly people.

Interesting Facts and stories

  • In the year 1972 a Dachshund named Waldie had become the first a mascot for the Olympic Games.
  • This breed had become popular in Great Britain because of the love of Queen Victoria towards her pet. They were often called as regal dog. There is also a popular quote by the Queen which says "Nothing will turn a man's home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a Dachshund". It shows the love she had for this breed.

Generally this breed does not require much grooming because of their smooth and soft coat, brushing daily can help maintain it. However those with longer coat need more care. Cleaning their ears and teeth and clipping their nails can be done once a week to maintain their basic hygiene needs.


They often need to be exercised, and since they are playful and enthusiastic it can be easily done. However they can be difficult to train due to their strong hunting instinct and stubbornness. The Dachshund breed is extremely stubborn.

In order to make them socialised they should be trained from the early age, especially with strangers since it can be difficult for them to accept new people.


The common problems with them is behavioural problems such as destructiveness and vocalization. They can also have ear infections if they are not cleaned properly from time to time. They also need vet care in once every 6-12 months to detect any health problems. Due to their long back they can often have back problems. They also suffer from Intervertebral Disc Disease IVDD.

Buy a Dachshund?

The price range of a Dachshund dog can range from $ 100 to $ 3000 and it depends upon their type and size.

Fun Facts

A Bloodhound sense of smell can be used as evidence in court in US.

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