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The golden retriever is a perfect family dog. They are loyal, family friendly, gentle and easy going. The golden retriever breed originated from Scotland and were bred in the 19th century. They were bred as a gun dog and whenever the hunters used to hunt birds like waterfowl, ducks and other birds, golden retriever used to retrieve and bring them . Whenever these dogs used to bring the birds back they used to bring them undamaged and that is the reason why they were named retriever.

There are three types of golden retrievers:

  •     British golden retriever
  •     American golden retriever
  •     Canadian golden retriever
All the three types can be recognised by their size and coat colours. The golden retriever comes in colours like Cream, light golden, dark golden, and golden. Golden retriever has a long coat and needs regular grooming.

Golden retrievers are known as the world’s 4th most intelligent dogs, and according to AKC rankings of most popular breed, golden retriever ranks on third position.

The golden retriever is one of the best family dogs. They can live perfectly in all type of houses and apartments. They are also friendly with kids and elders and can live easily and contentedly with them. They are so friendly that they will become your best cuddle buddies instantly. They are animal friendly and can easily accept other animals. They also become friendly with new people they meet. However like any other dogs, they have to be socialised from the young age.

The average height of a male golden retriever is between 23 to 24 inches and of female it is between 20-23 inches. The weight of a male golden retriever can be between 30-34 kg and of a female it can range between 25-32 kg. The average lifespan of a golden retriever can be between 10-12 years. 

Golden retriever is a medium to large sized breed and they are active and energetic; hence they need space to play around. They might not be able to manage in small size apartments; however if there is a back yard where they can play and enjoy it would be perfect for them.

Golden retriever needs regular walk and exercise. They are also incredibly intelligent and learn things quickly. If you want to train them, they will be easily trained in less time as they are the 4th most intelligent dog breed. They are always eager to learn new things and will be always ready for training and be a good guard too. They are extremely disciplined and will always follow the ways you have taught them. They are people oriented and always want to make their owners happy.

The golden retriever loves to play in water and their coat is also water repellent. As the golden retriever was bred for retrieving, they still love to play around with things and retrieve them. They enjoy running and fetching things. They love to play outside the house as well as be in the house with their family and play or cuddle with them or even sit with them.

Nowadays golden retrievers are used for search and rescue missions, as service animals, as a guide dog for blinds, and for various other service purposes. The price of the Golden Retriever can range from $ 500 to $ 3000 and sometimes even more.

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