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The Great Dane dogs are the most interesting dogs. If you want to have a large dog breed as your pet then they are the perfect ones for you. They are friendly by nature, loving and perfect as pets.  

Great Dane have a Majestic personality, are strong,  well build and have great stamina. They are fun and amazing to be with. The origin of Great Dane dog is from Germany. They are a mix of English Mastiff and Irish wolfhound. They were bred 400 years ago by the German people for their protection and haunting of wild animals like boar, bears and deer. The Great Dane breed was developed during the 19th century.

Great is also known as the ‘Gentle Giant’ because of their calm and playful nature. Great Dane is also friendly with kids and other animals if they are socialized from their childhood. Great Dane dog can be trained easily. However some of them are always in the mood to play and can be very difficult to train. As per AKC they are ranked 16 for their breed popularity.

Great Dane dog requires a lot of food and when they get hungry they are hard to handle. This breed is the largest breed in the world and hence they cannot adjust into small apartments or houses. If we want a Great Dane then you need to have a big house or a big backyard.

The average height of a Great Dane dog can be between 30 to 35 inches and average weight can be between 40 to 52 kg. This breed of dog has very short lifespan. The average age is between 6 to 8 years.

Great Dane is very large in size and because of that they require a lot of exercise to keep them fit and healthy. They require about at least 30 to 40 minutes of daily walk. They have square and muscular face and body. They are very kind and dependable and want to be connected with their owners and family all the time. They never want to be away from you and will always follow you all around. Like any other large dog breed this dog also snores loudly.

Great Dane dogs are very good guard dogs. Training them is very important because of their size and playful nature. They need to have training for obedience and you cannot let them go out of control. You need to have full control over them. Great Dane tent to chew lot of things from the house, so you need o keep an eye on them if you need your things safe. They can always handle lot of work and pressure without having any problems.

Having a Great Dane is a full time job. You need to be very attentive to these giants and be with them all the time as their companions. They need a lot of maintenance and looking after. They also grow rapidly and their growth is fast in first two years so it is important that they don't over exercise in the first two years of their life.

Great Dane has been owned by hunters, then nobles and Kings today what we have is a gentle version of the old boar hunting giant. The Great Dane have short coat and does not require lot of grooming. However due to their height and body they need regular bath. Great Dane is found in lot of colours such as black, brindle, fawn, blue, mantle, harlequin etc.
The price range of a Great Dane can range from $ 600 to $ 3000.

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