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The Saint Bernard originated in Swiss Alps. This cute dog has been the beloved one of many people in the recent years. Every dog lover would know about this giant dog and want to keep him as a companion. Saint Bernard was bred in Swiss Alps by the monks living in the as a rescue dog to save people who were stuck Avalanches or in the snow on mountains. Today these beautiful giants are enjoying a comfortable family life in many houses across the world. 

In the list of these rescue dogs there was an extremely popular Saint Bernard named Barry in 1800s who has saved lives of 40 people in his life and died in 1812. After his death the Bern National History Museum in Switzerland has kept a statue of Barry for display with the real fur and everything else is model.

A Saint Bernard named Benedictine from Michigan USA holds the records for weighing 143 kg and is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1981st edition.

The Saint Bernard breed is classified as working dogs and has saved more than 2000 people over the years that were either stuck in Avalanches or in the snow. Saint Bernard has an exceptional sense of smell and it is said that, they can even smell up to 10 feet deep in the snow and search and find whoever is trapped down in the snow and save them. They have big paws which help them dig the snow. They can even sense the Avalanches and give predictions about it.

Saint Bernard is a affectionate dog and is incredibly friendly with kids and family. They can also be friendly with other dogs and animals. They adapt well to apartment living; however due to their size they might not be able to adjust to small apartments.

Saint Bernard has long coat with a long and heavy tail; hence grooming it regularly becomes important and at times it might become hectic. Saint Bernard dogs are intelligent and can be easily trained and be good guard dogs. However they are friendly and energetic hence can be in a playing mood all the time. If Saint Bernard is trained well he can also outshine in the show ring.

As the dogs were originated from Switzerland they can tolerate cold weather easily and do not do good in hot weather. They are available in various colours such as Brownish yellow, red and white, Reddish brown brindle, and Reddish brown splash. Saint Bernard breeds grow fast and gains about half of their total weight within three months. They can develop fully within three years.

The original Saint Bernard had nearly became extinct in between 1816 and 1818 due to the winter snowstorms and many dogs died in this Avalanches and to keep this breed going they were crossed with other large dogs such as Great Dane and the Great Pyrenees. During the 1830s the monks had started breeding these dogs with Newfoundlands, with the thought that long coat would be better at protecting the dogs in the snow. However the idea had failed because there was ice forming on the dog's hairs and hence the dogs were no longer as helpful in their rescues, and the monks gave them away to people who lived in the surrounding Swiss valleys.

In olden days the monks who had Saint Bernard dogs never used to train them to be rescue dogs. The puppies used to learn from the older dogs and follow them in their rescue mission one they grow old enough.

The average height of a Saint Bernard can range from 26 to 30 inches and the average weight can range from 65 to 120 kg. The average lifespan of a Saint Bernard can be from 8 to 10 years. The price range of this breed can range between $ 400 - $ 1000 and vary as per their quality.

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