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Shih Tzu (pronounced as sheed-zoo or sheet-su) means the 'Lion Dog' and was bred specially to be companion dogs for royal families in China. There is nothing similar to their names and their behaviour. They are friendly and affectionate animals. These breeds of dogs are small in size and cannot hunt, guard or protect any farm animals they can only be you loyal companions. Shih Tzu is also known as ‘Chrysanthemum Dogs’ because of their appearance which looks like the petals of chrysanthemum flower.
According to some researches they are among the ancient breeds and were genetically close to wolves. They were official dogs of Ming Dynasty. They were popular in China for centuries and were house dogs for the royal family at that time. They were mostly used to guard palaces and monasteries and make everyone happy with their presence.

In 1930s Shih Tzu breed was almost destroyed during the Communist revolution and there were only about 14 of them remaining alive in the world.

Shih Tzu is a cross breed between Pekingese and Lhasa Apso. They are incredibly affectionate towards their family members and friendly with kids and other dogs. They adapt easily to any apartment type and are perfect for people who prefer calmness and a quite dog.   

Shih Tzu has a thick double coat that has a harder outer coat and soft inner coat. They are born only with a single coat and after about seven months their adult coat begins to grow Shih Tzu breed do not shed as much as other breeds. However due to their long coat they need daily brushing to maintain their coat and sometimes it becomes hectic to groom them. They are also found in different coat colours such as black, white, liver, brindle, liver and white etc.

The average height of Shih Tzu can be from 9 to 10 inches and average weight can be from 4 to 7 kg. Shih Tzu cannot stay adjust in hot or humid weather and can fit perfectly into a cold weather. The average life expectancy of a Shih Tzu is about 12 to 16 years and some can live even longer up to 20 years.

They are loyal and friendly and are a warm companion in bed. Shih Tzu is said to sleep in the bed with Chinese emperor near their foot as foot warmers.

Shih Tzu are very stubborn and need lot of patients while training them as they are slow. They need a regular walk and little exercise. They are also smart and intelligent breed.   

Shih Tzu can be friendly with other dogs and people. They are the entirely indoor dogs. They are playful and enjoy spending their time playing and following their family wherever they go all the time. Shih Tzu ranks among top 10 most popular dog breeds.

According to AKC Shih Tzu ranks 20th in the breed popularity and is grouped in toy dogs group. The price of a Shih Tzu can range from $ 400 to $ 700 and sometimes it can be also more than that.

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