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Siberian husky often looks like wolves and people are mistaken by their looks; however their characteristics and nature is nowhere near a wolf. They often look aggressive and intimidating but in reality they are calm and sweet. They will always love you instead of biting you since they are fun loving and caring dogs.

History and Origin

Siberian huskies are one of the oldest dogs in the world and belong to Spitz family and were originally from Siberia and that is how they got their name. Siberian huskies were bred by the Siberian people that belonged to Chukchi tribe to work in where people cannot do their work. They were used to pull sled, guard and run in the ice to help people. They worked with Chukchi tribes transporting food and supplies from one place to another.

About Siberian husky

Siberian Huskies are independent dogs and it is often heard that they are perfect escape dogs, since they can escape from anywhere. People who have huskies have had an experience of them getting escaped from their houses when left alone for long time. They can even dig holes and brake things to escape.

This breed is the fastest and energetic breed and love to run. They can even run with a speed of 50 km per hour. Hence it is important to train them. If they are not trained properly they can even run in public places and it will be too difficult to tackle them. They are so high in energy that you will not be able to catch them. They can be best companions for hikes and trekking.

One of the interesting facts about the huskies is that when they are born all the huskies have same eye colour blue. However as they grow the colours of some of the huskies change within few weeks. Sometimes they even have two different colour eyes and it is totally normal in the husky breeds.

As this breed was bred to work in the cold weather they can bear extremely cold weather. It would be shocking to know that they can easily live in the -70 degree temperature. They can also easily adapt to live in the warm climate but, only if they are brought up in a warm temperature from a young age. Still you will need lot of efforts to keep them in such temperature so that they do not suffer from heat.

Huskies are known for their howls. They will howl even if they are normally communicating something. They are often talkative dogs and will always be howling in their simple talks all the time and it is unusual for them to bark.

They have become extremely popular due to their affectionate and caring nature. People love them and want them as their friend and companions. Their character is unique and loving. They are sensitive and affectionate dogs. 

Like any other dogs huskies are also pack animals. They like to be in packs with their

Interesting Facts and stories

  • Huskies howl too much and are so loud in their howls that it can be even heard from 10-15 km away.
  • They were also used in world wars for transporting and communicating and had excelled it along with the other dog breeds.
  • In the year 1925 in Nome Alaska children were affected by diphtheria and getting medicines  and help was impossible for them and hence a few mushers and their dogs had started this serum run for more than five days travelling more than 1000 km. Some dogs and people had  even died along with the guides. A husky named Balto had then taken the lead without any experience and had successfully managed to reached their destination. The dogs were hailed as heroes and in the honour of their bravery a bronze statue of Balto was build at Central Park in New York City. His popularity was so much at that time that an animated movie was produced in the year 1995 depicting his brave journey of rescuing children.

As a Family Companion

Siberian huskies are loving and calm type of dog breeds. If you are looking for a dog as a guard dog then husky is not the one for you. However they are incredibly perfect companion dogs for family and kids. They are not aggressive dogs and can be good playmates for the kids.

These dogs are incredibly loyal, intelligent and brave. They are the perfect companions for a family with kids and they are friendly towards their family.  

Siberian huskies are so affectionate with their families that they hate being ignored. They like to follow their pack leader all the time and if you cannot give them time then husky is not the dog for you. If they are ignored they can get isolated which might lead to anxiety.

They will always try to get your attention. They are amazing around children, they will always want to be with children, play with them and protect them. They are just like any other dogs giving lot of love in return for absolutely nothing.


During the shedding season these dogs shed too much and need lot of grooming. They shed so much that it will be impossible not to see their hair in your house. During the non shedding season they do not shed much however regular grooming is required.  Due to their short hair brushing them once a week would be enough.


Huskies are high in energy and are required to get that energy out. They love running and it can be a good way to exercise them. Hence they need lot of exercise. A walk 2-3 times a day and 30-45 minutes exercise daily can help to maintain their health.   

They need to be socialised from the early age so they can get along with other dogs and animals easily and since they are intelligent dogs and can be trained effortlessly. It might take some time to train them because they always want to do things their way.


Huskies health is general and they do not have many health issues. However you should take care of their basic hygiene needs like cleaning their teeth, ears and regular vaccinations and deworming medicines.

Buy a Siberian husky

The price of a Siberian husky can range in between $600 to $1300, however good quality breeds can also be found at a price between $1400 to $6000.

Fun Facts

Dogs can learn more than 1000 words.

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