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Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed
Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed

Doberman is an extremely intelligent and fearless guard dog. This beautiful looking dog has gained popularity all around the world because of its intelligence, loyalty towards their owners and for being the best guard dogs. Having a Doberman as your companion and a guard will never disappoint you. They are fun-loving and playful mates to be with. They love to run around, play and be with owners all the time.

History and Origin of Doberman Pinscher Dog

The breed Doberman originated from Germany as a guard dog. A taxman named Louis Dobermann had bred this breed to accompany him during the rounds of collecting taxes to guard him while carrying the money back in the late 19th century. They received their name from their first breeder with a minor alteration. Doberman is said to be a crossbreed of many dogs namely German Pinscher, Thuringian Shepherd dog, Black Grey Hound, Great Dane, Weimaraner, German Shorthaired Pointer and Rottweiler, German Shepherd etc.

About Doberman Pinscher Dog

This dog breed is classified into a working dog breed as they are energetic and athletic dogs. Since this dog is fearless and is alert all the time they are used as guard dogs in many places. They love to run and chase things hence it makes them the best search dogs.

Today these dogs are usually used as police dogs, guard dogs and search dogs due to their incredible intelligence and alertness. Their muscular body structure and athletic nature make them perfect as police dogs. 

Doberman comes in different types of coat colours such as White, Black, Red, Fawn, Blue, Blue and Rust, Black and Rust, Fawn and Rust, Red and Rust. They are mostly found in Black and Rust, Red and Rust colours. Doberman is the 5th smartest dog in the world and also the most dangerous dog in the world.

This dog breed has two rust coloured dots just above their eyes. This gives them a unique marking to differentiate from the other dogs. Doberman also has shades of Tan or Rust colour on their face, Chest and their legs. 

The ears of Doberman are downwards and pointed. However, they do not touch their face. Some of you must have seen pointed ears and docked tails too. They are not born with pointed ears; it is cropped to make this breed look more intimidating and dangerous. Some of the European countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc. have even banned to dock their tails and crop ears. 

Doberman is always alert and can be aggressive towards any stranger they find suspicious. However, if they are not socialised from the young age they can have some aggression issues.

The average height of a male Doberman can range from 26-28 inches and of a female; it ranges between 24-26 inches. The average weight of a male can be 34 to 45 kg and of a female, it can be between 30 to 40 kg. This dog breed has an average lifespan of 10-15 years.

As per AKC the dog breed is grouped as a working dog and ranks 17th in the dog breed popularity rankings. 

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Doberman Pinscher Dog As a Family Companion

Doberman is a loyal, loving and good family dog. They can be aggressive but only towards the strangers. They are extremely playful and can be a perfect companion for kids. They are extremely loyal to their family and love to spend their time with their owners. They will follow its owners from room to room and go wherever their owners go. Doberman is a family dog and can develop obsessive behaviour is they are kept away from their owners or family for a long time.

This dog can easily adapt to any apartment living. However, due to their size, they may not be able to adjust to small apartments. They also need regular exercise to keep them healthy. They are always alert and on guard. It makes them a perfect guard dog for a family and is also listed as the 2nd best guard in the world. If a Doberman suspects something or finds something unusual for him he can bark loudly to alert its owners. Hence it makes him a noisy companion. If you are a no noise person then Doberman may not be the dog for you.
The Doberman was bred as an aggressive and fearless dog. However, over the past years, it is being bred to have a less aggressive temperament and is much gentler than they were earlier.

Doberman has a short coat and it makes them vulnerable to cold weather. However, they can easily adapt to moderate temperature weather and can also live in normal hot weather.

Grooming Doberman Pinscher Dog

Doberman has a short coat and hence does not require regular grooming. They are easy to groom and brushing their coat once a week would be sufficient. Shedding is also minimum in these dogs.

Training Doberman Pinscher Dog

Doberman dog breed is extremely intelligent, obedient and high in energy. Hence they can be easily trained to do anything. They learn quickly and are always eager to learn new things. This dog breed also requires regular exercise. A walk 2-3 times daily can also be good for their health.

As this dog breed is highly energetic and hence the owners need a lot of active time to spend with them. If they are not accurately entertained they can become bored which can, in turn, lead to destructive behaviour. Their training should begin from a young age which will encourage them towards good and positive behaviour. If you do not have time to train and teach the dog and spend some quality time with them, then Doberman is not the dog for you.

Doberman Pinscher Dog Health

Doberman is a generally a healthy breed however, they can have some genetic problems. This is due to poor breeding practices and improper care. If you are looking for a Doberman as your companion make sure you are adopting from a genuine and reputable dog breeder to avoid eventual problems. However, Doberman can face certain common health issues such as hip dysplasia, eye and skin infections which are common in most dog breeds.

Buy a Doberman Pinscher Dog?

The average price of a Doberman from a good and reputable the breeder is between $ 1200 to $ 2500.

Fun Facts

There are about 900 million dogs in the world.

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