The German shepherd Dog Breed | All Dog Breeds

The German shepherd Dog Breed | All Dog Breeds
The German shepherd dog breed has become popular as a brave, courageous and most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They are known for their bravery and protectiveness towards their owners and family. They are often recognised as police dogs although they can be a great companion and guard dogs for families. 

This handsome looking breed has won the hearts of people all around the world not only for their bravery but also for the loyalty they have towards their owners.

History and Origin

German shepherd as the name suggests originated from Germany and were the first breed to develop an ideal service dog that is intelligent and versatile. They were even used in both the world wars and had excelled in their jobs. 

This breed was originally bred in the 1800s by a German military officer named Captain Max Von Stephanitz with a mission to develop an all-around breed. They were initially used for herding animals and guarding sheep, and they were successful at their jobs, they were then used as protection and guard dogs.

In the 1920s the Dutch breeders mixed them with wolves to get a breed that has the qualities of Wolf and the German shepherd. However, this experiment had failed because the resulted breed could not be domesticated. 

About German shepherd

German shepherds are fearless and the best guard dogs one could ever want, as they are excellent in their work. They are used in military and police departments for their excellent skills and bravery. One of the special reasons they are used frequently by police is because of their discipline and obedience. They can be trained so well that, when the time comes they know when they have to do their assigned tasks and stop when they are asked to stop. They are so loyal that they will be the first to protect you without even thinking about their lives.

The German shepherds are born with floppy ears however as they grow their ears get pointed like wolves and are always alertThis also resembles the wolves, since when wolves are born they have floppy ears and as they grow their ears change to pointed ones. They also have a long muzzle which helps to track down anyone easily and this has made them good service dogs. 

German shepherd comes in different colours such as Black, Black and Tan, Sable, Red and Black, Grey, Black and Silver. In recent years some of the dogs are even found in white coat colours. 

As per AKC, they are grouped in the herding group although generally they are considered as working dogs. This breed is one of the most popular breeds and has been ranked 2nd on the AKC popularity rankings.

The average weight of a male shepherd can be between 30 to 40 kg and the average weight of a female can be between 23 to 32 kg. The average height of a male German shepherd is between 24-26 inches and a female it is between 22-24 inches. The average lifespan of this breed can vary between 7-10 years.

Interesting Facts and stories

Blondi a German shepherd dog of Hitler was well known as his companion and a bodyguard. Hitler used to love his dog more than humans and even used to allow the dog to share his bed with him.

Another story of a loyal dog is of a German shepherd Capitan who did not leave the grave of his owner for ten years and sat on the grave every night to protect his owner. Capitan did not leave the grave even after the family of his owner Miguel Guzman tried to take him with them. He used to spend every day in the cemetery protecting his owner and died near the grave of his late master.

Rin Tin Tin was another popular star on the television back in the 1950s to1960s. The first Rin Tin Tin was a star in the silent movies in the The 1920s and had become so popular that he used to get 50,000 fan letters for every month from all over the world. Rin Tin Tin generation has also served during the world wars and had set the best example through their efforts.

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As a Family Companion

The German shepherd is one of the best dog breeds in the world. They are extremely loving and protective of their families. For years they have worked in military and police departments and proven their extraordinary skills for being the best guard dog.

This breed has a double coat and the undercoat is dense hence they can adjust to all types of weather.
This breed has a long coat and shed too much during the shedding season and if you are a person who hates to see dog hair in your house, on your sofa and clothes or an allergic person then this dog is not for you. They will shed too much and their hair will be all over the house. However regular grooming and care help with this issue and if you can manage to spend some time regularly on their grooming then German shepherd can be your best companion.

German shepherds can adapt to live in apartments and small houses easily as long as they get exercise and a regular walk. They are playful and loyal in nature and little care and attention will make them your favourite companions.   


The German shepherd has a long coat, and requires grooming from time to time, also during the shedding season they shed excessively twice a year. Though shedding is common and can be found in many other dogs.


The German shepherd is a breed that can be trained easily as they are incredibly intelligent and can be trained to do almost anything. However, since they are incredibly protective of their families they need more training from a young age. If proper training is not given they can be aggressive at times and can even attack people or other dogs to protect their family.


This breed is generally healthy compared to other dogs breeds however they can have hip dysplasia and they shed too much during the shedding season. Dog food also plays an important role in the health of a dog. 

Buy a German shepherd?

Since German shepherd is one of the most popular breeds it can be priced too expensive. They are not only popular due to their loyalty and discipline but also for the years of service they have provided in as a military and the police dog. The puppies can be bought at a price range between $ 300 to $ 900 and sometimes even more. A well-trained adult dog can cost you $ 6000 - $ 7000.

Fun Facts
Dogs have sweat glands only in their paws.

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